are dewalt batteries interchangeable

Dewalt batteries are interchangeable
Amp hour is the wattage of electricity in an hour. This is useful for determining runtimes and storing power in the battery.Dewalt batteries are interchangeablebetween tools as long as the battery is the correct voltage for the tool.

Are DeWalt 18V batteries interchangeable?

DeWalt 18v batteries are compatible with the whole DeWalt XR range, meaning that you could potentially take care of your needs with just two; one in use and one on charge. Are all Dewalt 20V batteries interchangeable? Answer: Yes, all of our DEWALT 20V batteries and chargers are interchangeable within our DEWALT 20V product line.

Are DeWalt XR batteries interchangeable?

Additionally, DeWalt makes two different lines of batteries, the XR line and the 20v “max” line. The XR line of batteries last 33% longer than the 20v “max” line of batteries of the same size. However, XR tools and batteries are not interchangeable with the “max” line of tools and batteries. Are Dewalt Cordless Batteries Interchangeable?

What is the difference between DeWalt 20V and 20V Max?

Furthermore, DEWALT 20V MAX is the next line after 18V, introducing lithium ion batteries. DEWALT 20V XR improved on the 20V MAX line by introducing brushless motors and high capacity lithium ion batteries. DEWALT 20V ATOMIC are designed to be compact and powerful for a wide range of applications. Are All Dewalt 20V Batteries The Same?

Can I use DeWalt batteries with Milwaukee batteries?

Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries are NOT interchangeable. You CAN NOT use Dewalt batteries with Stanley. No, you can’t use Dewalt batteries with Porter-Cable. What about Black and Decker?

Do Dewalt Batteries Work With Other Brands?

You have discovered how Dewalt makes fabulous batteries and would like to use them in your other brand tools or you no longer have Dewalt tools but still own a battery or two and would like to put them to use in other tools you might have. Sounds like a good idea but are Dewalt Batteries interchangeable with other brands?

What Tools Are Compatible With Dewalt Batteries?

You can interchange your battery with any of the Dewalt tools that have the same voltage rating. So if you have a 12volt battery that your 12volt drill is currently using and you also own another Dewalt tool that also requires 12volts then the battery is interchangeable.

Only Use Dewalt Batteries For Dewalt Tools

Will you be able to use your old battery in a new power tool? Or will it fit? Most manufacturers offer batteries and chargers compatible with their own brand only and Dewalt is no different.

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