how long do c batteries last in a radio

8-10 hours
However,depending on the type of car battery that you have,the battery life will differ. For example,a type-A car battery will last 4-6 hours on the radio whereas a type-C car battery will last8-10 hours. Be sure to check what type of car battery you have so that you know how long it will last on the radio!

What is the battery life of a portable radio?

The manual supplied with the radio quotes a battery life of 20 hours. Roberts say that with portable radios having a loudspeaker rather than headphones, the batteries used inside them should be the highest power available, i.e. rated at 2500 mA/h .

What is the battery life of a DAB radio?

My first personal DAB radio, bought in 2006 (the BUSH DAB2004) claimed a battery life of only 8 hours. It uses 2 AA cells. Things have improved since then.

Is a digital radio battery friendly?

Digital radio is not and never will be battery friendly, thats why most digital radios are kitchen type models and are mains powered. OK thanks for answering. Bit annoying as there’s no sockets where I like to have the radio.

What size battery does a Roberts ecologic radio use?

Some of the Roberts models, known as Ecologic, have an output power of 1 watt maximum. They use three size AA batteries, each of which are capable of dissipating a current of 2500 mA/h . The manual supplied with the radio quotes a battery life of 20 hours.

How often should I charge my radio receiver?

So my advice to you would be to get the rechargeable batteries specifically with a high rating of 2500 mA/h, and a charger to charge them up again aproximately every 20 hours.

How much power does a DAB chip use?

A reasonably recent DAB/DAB+ decoding chip uses at most 250 mW*. An early Pentium used at least 30 Watt, often considerably more. In other words, a DAB chip is at least 120 times more energy efficient than an old Pentium CPU.

How many bits are in a second?

128000 bits a second have to be processed and then a digital to analogue converter has to send the signal to the speakers.

How many watts does a Roberts radio use?

Some of the Roberts models, known as Ecologic, have an output power of 1 watt maximum. They use three size AA batteries, each of which are capable of dissipating a current of 2500 mA/h . The manual supplied with the radio quotes a battery life of 20 hours.

How long does a Grundig radio last?

The radio is on for 30-60 minutes per day and is still working on that set of batteries. The old Grundig might have lasted longer because it was totally analogue but it sounded a lot worse and gradually drifted off channel because of the mechanical tuning. 0. Phil Dodd Posts: 3,975.

What is the name of the radio that Pure and Roberts makes?

It depends what kind of radio you have. Pure & Roberts produce radios called "Ecologic" which are not so power-hungry.

Why does my radio light come on?

Some batteries are slightly shorter than others. This can cause them to be loose within the battery compartment of the radio, which will cause them to make poor contact and make the warning light come on. Check that the contact with the batteries in the compartment is fairly tight.

Should I turn off the radio when the car stops?

It has been a common practice for drivers to turn off their radios, CD players, and other entertainment gadgets when they stop the vehicle’s engine. It is because at least some people argue that electric energy from these devices may kill your car’s battery which eventually causes problems later on.

How can radio damage a car battery?

The radio in a car can damage the car battery if the battery is weak, to begin with. An alternator circuit supplies power to operate all components when the engine is running. It generates electricity at around 14 volts, keeping up with the power demand depending on how much work it’s doing.

How can I reduce the influence on the battery?

Turning the ignition to accessory mode would be best instead of just turning on the car radio. In a car, the accessory mode allows the driver to operate and control some electrical components such as air conditioner, radio, and lights and wirelessly reduce their influence on the battery.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Car Battery, And What Are Some Factors That Affect This Lifespan?

1. The type of battery – Lead-acid, AGM, and Gel Cell batteries all have different life expectancies.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last With Radio On?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on a number of factors. However, you can extend the life of your car battery by following some simple tips.

How To Save Your Car Battery By Turning Off The Lights When You’re Not Driving?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fix to keeping your car battery in good condition. The way you drive makes a big difference, but the best thing you can do is take care of your vehicle and give it regular maintenance and service. However, there is one easy way to help save your car battery turn off the lights when you’re not driving.

Are There Different Types of Batteries?

When it comes to walkie talkies, there are two main types of batteries. These include primary and secondary batteries, and here is a brief description of each:

Premium Grade Cells Versus Low Tier Cells

If you’re wondering what a cell is, just know that the cell is the main component of any battery. The cell is what makes the battery work, and both the capacity (how long you can go between charges) and the cycle life (how many total charges you get before the battery dies) are important.

Temperature Can Affect Your Battery Life

Batteries for walkie talkies always do best when they are charged at room temperature. If the temperature is very hot or less than 4 degrees Fahrenheit, you can lose a lot of the charging capacity. Always do two things when your batteries need charging.


Walkie talkie batteries last, on average, 18 to 24 months. It’s important that you charge them properly each time and buy the right batteries in the first place. These are a few ways to make sure your battery lasts a while.

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