how long do tesla batteries last

Like almost anything, there\u2019s an average of discharge and charge times. Obviously doing lots of cellphone drops would probably spike the battery life, but how those figures break down regarding how long they can last are based on the average. Newer technologies like LiPo cells perform more efficiently than older tech lithium batteries from Tesla (the biggest proponent of being fully electric).
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Is There a Battery Percentage on iPhone 12 Settings?

Yes, iPhone 12 has a battery percentage in the settings but it doesn’t show how much battery is left. Instead, it tells users the highest percentage your iPhone was last charged.

How Many Methods iPhone 12 Battery Percentage Display?

You can add a battery widget on iPhone 12’s main screen – thanks to the iOS 14 and later upgrades. To add a gadget:

Extra Tip: iPhone 12 Battery Drain Fast? Fix with ReiBoot Pro

One issue that warrants immediate fix is if your iPhone’s battery drains too fast. This issue can arise even in the new iPhone 12, leaving users annoying. Fortunately, we have an easy method to help you repair the battery of your iPhone 12 and make it as long-lasting as it should be.


To sum it all, this article has discussed 5 simple ways to display battery percentage on your new iPhone 12. So, whenever you want to learn how to show battery percentage on iPhone 12, this is the guide you resort to.

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