how long does a car battery last

The average lifespan of an electric car battery is…5.5 years, due to its mechanism and composition, however there are some models that have undergone professional testing for over 7 years!This is an article about how long does a car battery last. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments below.

AirPods and the AirPod Charging Case: a Match Made in Heaven

With the AirPods, you’ll be able to listen to music or podcasts on your phone while running or have Siri read the messages to you on the go, no matter where you are. Plus, they look damned fancy, so you can do all that in style.

Charging Your AirPods Battery: Check!

Before we give you some tips and tricks on checking the AirPods and AirPods Pro battery life, let’s take a look at charging the AirPods first. The AirPods come with a charging case, so the only thing you need to do is put the buds in it when you’re not using them; they will charge on the go while you do other things.

iPhone Apple AirPods: How To Check the Battery Life

Now that you’re all tech-savvy when it comes to charging, we can move onto the main topic at hand: checking the status of your AirPods battery.

How Long Do AirPods Last?

According to Apple’s official website, your AirPods, with their multiple charges, allow for more than 24 hours of music listening time or up to 18 hours of conversation. Now that you know how to check the battery life on Apple AirPods, you can recharge them whenever you feel the need, even if multiple charges are still available.


It’s a breeze. Now that you know how to check the AirPods battery, you can access the battery widget from either the Today View or the Home Screen. As a reminder, you’ll have to enable it first by clicking the “plus” button from the Home screen and finding it in the widgets menu.

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