how long does a mower battery last

Between 3 and 5 years
Mower batteries typically lastbetween 3 and 5 yearsif properly charged and used only when necessary. This equates to around 500 charges. You’ll know when your mower battery is losing power since the charge won’t last as long.

How long does it take to charge a lawn mower battery?

How Long does It Take To Charge A Lawn Mower Battery? The time it takes to charge an electric lawn mower’s battery depends on how discharged the battery actually is. It can taketwelve hoursor more for a lawnmower battery to charge completely.

Will a lawn mower battery go dead?

There are several ways to know if the battery is working or not – If you turn the key on of your mower and the engine cranks slowly or is making a clicking noise, your lawn mower battery may be dead. The water level may not be full, and that’s why the battery is dead. You can use a multimeter to test the battery’s voltage.

How many volts does a lawn mower battery have?

The simple and quick answer to that question is 12 volts. Most lawnmowers use a 12 volt battery, whereas some heavy-duty lawnmowers might use a 36 volt battery. But the standard option is 12 volts. In case you are having trouble with the battery, you can always recharge it.

How long does a maintenance free battery last?

How long does a maintenance free battery last? By William Mickle / December 28, 2021 December 28, 2021. Most often 3 to 6 years mostly depending on climate. … Does maintenance free battery need water? Adding distilled water is still required for maintenance free battery in order to optimize its life span. Tip: Though using ‘maintenance free …

How long does a Lawn mower battery last?

A typical riding lawn mower battery usually lasts around 3 to 8 years depending on the care provided and usage.Cordless mowers have lithium ion batteries which usually lasts around 5-10+ years again depending on usage. As for how much you can mow on a single cordless mower battery it depends on the make and model of your mower, however this will generally be between 20-100 minutes.

What happens if my lawn mower battery is dead?

If you do hear that clicking sound and realise your battery is dead, your lawn mower will fail to run. However, all is not totally lost. After checking that the battery is definitely the culprit which has kicked the bucket (not any oil or fuel issues instead) you can try and jumpstart your lawn mower battery using the same technique you would use to jumpstart a car.

What type of battery does a Greenworks lawn mower use?

Alternatively, as a strong contender for best rechargeable battery lawn mower on the market, the Greenworks TwinForce Cordless lawn mower uses a 40V lithium ion battery system, whereby the mower uses one 4Ah battery that automatically connects with a back-up 2Ah battery for when the original battery is out of charge. This dual battery technology offers a great alternative to the cordless lithium battery in order for it to compete with the long lasting lead batteries which ride-ons or tractor mowers use.

What is the longest lasting battery for a lawn mower?

What are some of the longest lasting lawn mower batteries. It seems that it’s unanimous across the board that 12V lead batteries are the best batteries for longevity within all the branches of lawn mowers. However, each type of lawn mower boasts a slightly different lasting battery length.

How long does a cordless lawn mower last?

On a full charge these cordless lawn mowers tend to last anywhere from 20 minutes minimum to a huge 80 minutes for some makes. They rely on anything from 18V to 60V to power the machines. This means some of the better cordless mowers combine both power with long-lasting charge, meaning you can attack that tall grass of yours with ease.We will go into this deeper further into article.

What type of battery does a Stihl mower use?

They focus on being compact, lightweight and more robust. These mowers allow the use of a 36V lithium battery number which offers just as much power as others which use a 80V battery.

How long does it take to mow a lawn mower?

As for how much you can mow on a single cordless mower battery it depends on the make and model of your mower, however this will generally be between 20-100 minutes. Depending on luck and your level of maintenance, batteries can die on you quickly or last way past their warranty. All lawn mowers tend to only use these two batteries.

How Long Do Electric Lawn Mowers Work

Relying on the commodity you purchased, the life of an electric lawn mower’s battery is approximately one hour and works for one hour before wanting to undergo another charge cycle again. A newly bought mower can function for 9-10 years and its battery can work for approximately 4-5 years. Which is really decent for a one-time buy.

Battery Life Of A Completely Charged Mower

With the idea that you purchased a cordless electric lawn mower, it follows that you must remember it is powered by a combination of cells made of different substances. Once you have replenished the battery entirely, you need to know how long does this completely-recharged battery work before it would need to be charged again.

Things To Keep In Mind For Keeping Your Battery Intact For Long

One important factor is to store your lawn mower’s battery in the right way. The temperature conditions and environment must be completely optimal for starting your mower’s battery. The right temperature ranges from 50F-75F. Also, remember to keep the batteries (be it lithium-ion battery or lead-acid battery) fully charged before storing them.


Now that you have all the details about the battery of your electric lawn mower, make sure to use them in the most appropriate way to make the most of their battery life. Store them properly, clean them to avoid corrosion. Store them indoors to manage the batteries in a well-mannered way.

How many volts does a lithium ion battery have?

On average, lithium-Ion batteries give 4 volts per cell, but there is a variety of it, and lawnmowers can also use about 72 volts per cell and even higher.

Why do lawnmowers use lithium batteries?

The lithium-ion battery’s performance in electric lawnmowers is increased because of some changes and developments made . Brushless motors inside lawnmowers will help battery life; the reason behind this is that a motor without brush will only exert force on batteries to operate at a given time.

Why does my lawn mower work at night?

Moisture is the reason again, because of the due at night; the grass is usually wet in the morning, wait until the grass dried out, the lawnmower will still work on wet grass, but it will work harder and consume more energy, the source of energy is the battery, which we need to protect.

Why won’t my battery go back to 100%?

It will never go back to 100% because the charging will only go to around 70%.

How long do lawn mower batteries last?

Generally, the lawnmowers’ batteries last up to 3 to 5 years, but it can stop working after only 1 year or go up to 8 years, but the battery is all about charge holding capacity, and with time it decreases. How long a battery lasts depends on what kind of battery and how you are using it.

Why is self propelled battery better?

Using a self-propelled feature will use more energy. Again, more energy usage will cause more load on batteries. For battery better timing, the self-propelled feature must not be used frequently.

What is a mulching blade?

The mulching blade is used to bag mulch grass clipping. However, when not used in mulch mode, they use more power, which will consume less power, intended for better battery life.

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