how to change battery in key fob

How long is Tesla battery warranty?

Before 2020, Tesla made even bigger claims about their battery life. The pre-2020 battery warranty lasted for 8 years and unlimited miles.

How many miles does Tesla warranty last?

With these numbers in mind, Tesla’s warranty includes a clause for retaining 70% battery capacity over the warranty period (typically between 100,000-150,000 miles). However, Tesloop, a taxi service in California that maintains a fleet of Teslas and really packs on the mileage, has reported that a Model X in their fleet has only lost around 10% …

Is Tesla a new company?

Here’s the thing: Tesla is a new company using new tech. While they do an excellent job of collecting data (you can’t really manufacture a car that’s basically a computer on wheels without it), they still haven’t been gathering data long enough to answer this question definitively for all of their vehicles (especially the Model 3 and Model Y). But we do have quite a few years of data from the Model S and Model X battery packs to sort through.

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