how to change bmw key battery

To change your BMW key fob battery,follow these steps:Take the metal key out of the key fob by pressing the small tab on the back.Use a flat screwdriver to press and pry open the key fob access point.Remove the old battery.Check the battery or the owner’s manual to find out what type of battery you need to buy.Insert the new battery,close the key fob,and replace the key.

How to reset a BMW key?

How to Reset a BMW KeyUnlock your BMW using the metal key.Place the key in the ignition.Turn the key to the On position.Turn the key to the Off position.Remove the key from the ignition.Press and hold the Unlock button on your key. Press the Lock button on the key three times. Your key is now reset and should function properly.

How to replace battery in BMW remote key?

How To Change Battery In Bmw Key Fob 2016Listen For A Lock Sound. …To Replace Your Comfort Access Bmw Key Battery,You Will Need A Cr2032 Battery. …Bmw Key Fob Battery Replacement If Your Key Fob Is Fine,But You Need To Replace Your Bmw Key Fob Battery,You’ll Need A Cr2032 Battery. …I Also Have A 2016 And Have Needed To Change Out My Key Fob Battery Once. …More items…

How to disconnect battery on a BMW?

TurboGetting Started – Prepare for the repairOpen the Hood – How to pop the hood and prop it openAccess Battery – Learn where the battery is locatedRemove Bracket – Take off the bracket that secures the batteryRemove Cables – How to disconnect the cables the right wayClean Cables – Clean with baking soda,water and a wire brushMore items…

How to open your BMW key?

How to unlock and start your BMW with a dead key fobPress the key release button on your key fobSlide out the metal key bladeFind the keyhole in your door handleInsert the key blade to pop up the covering panelInsert the key blade to open the door

Smart Key Battery Replacement

To replace your BMW Smart Key Battery, you will need a CR2450 battery.

Comfort Access BMW Key Battery Replacement

This key is used in many BMW models including 1, 3, 5, 7, X3, X5, X6 Series. To replace your Comfort Access BMW Key Battery, you will need a CR2032 battery. If your key won’t open, you may have the non-comfort access version which has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Non-Comfort Access Key Battery Replacement

If you have a BMW key that has a side indent, this means you have a rechargeable battery. Therefore, you cannot open the battery case. This battery charges when it is inserted in the ignition.

Diamond Key Battery Replacement

The battery in this key is not designed to be replaced however, it is possible to replace the battery in this key by cutting the case and soldering a new battery. To replace this BMW key battery, you will need a VL2020 battery. This procedure is not recommended by the manufacturer.

How to Change a Battery in A BMW Key Fob

Not sure how to open a BMW key fob and replace the battery? It really depends on the type of key fob you have. We will break down how to change a BMW key battery in several of the most common BMW key fobs below.

Non-Comfort Access BMW Key Fob

This type of key fob has a rechargeable battery, so you will not be able to open the key fob. When the key is inserted in the ignition, it charges the battery. If the battery no longer works, bring your key fob to our service center, and we can fix the issue for you.

Diamond Key Fob

You are not meant to replace the battery in this type of key fob. It is possible, but it is not recommended by the manufacturer. The process involves cutting the case and soldering a new battery.

BMW Key Fob Replacement Made Easy

Is your BMW key fob failing to operate as it should? The first step in the battery replacement process requires you to determine what kind of key you’re dealing with.

BMW Comfort Access Technology

If you’re out and about, running errands in Minneapolis or Richfield, a properly-equipped BMW can learn to recognize your touch automatically:

BMW Remote Start: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Interested in BMW remote start technology? All you need to do is download the BMW Connected app and adjust the settings on your smartphone after verifying and connecting your vehicle. This way, you can precondition the car’s climate on those cold St Paul winter mornings! Give us a call today at (952) 213-5577 if you need assistance.

Our Service Experts Are Here to Help!

Whether you’re trying to turn on BMW remote start capability or you need to replace a rechargeable BMW key fob battery, you should know that our team is here to help! While we’re happy to provide you with service tips and tricks to try at home, it’s easy to schedule service and get the assistance you need today.

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What battery does BMW key fob use?

The BMW key fob uses a lithium coin battery type. The battery used will vary from model to model and the key fob in use. They vary from CR2016, CR2020 even up to CR2032 that all give 3 volts.

How to use a key fob to start a car?

Use can use the key fob to start the car engine by pressing the start button using the key fob. Press the key fob to send the signal to the ignition button.

What happens if my key fob is not working?

Test if the key fob is working. If it is not working as expected, the key fob may be damaged and its time to get a replacement key fob.

How long does it take to change battery on a key fob?

When the battery changing procedure has been accomplished in less than 30 seconds, the key fob will not need programming. However, even if you take longer, the programming process is easy as outlined in the steps below:

How long do lithium batteries last?

At normal room temperatures of between 20 0 C and 25 0 C, the battery will last up to 10 years while on the shelf and between 3-5years when in a BMW key fob.

Can you buy a new key fob at a BMW dealership?

You can drive to a BMW dealership and buy a new key fob . Here they will cut the metallic key for you and program the key fob to work in your car. This whole process will take less than one day to accomplish but definitely will be done at an added cost.

Can you change the battery in a BMW key fob?

To change battery in BMW key fob and reprogram it is a straightforward thing. In this article, we will look at how you can easily change the battery yourself and if need be how to program the key fob.

How to unlock CR2450 key fob?

Press the key into the shallower section to unlock the backing of the key fob. Remove the backing of the fob, and you’ll reveal the battery. You can regularly find the CR2450 battery it uses in gas stations and supermarkets if you need it immediately. On the corner of the backing is a small tab that you can use to pry out the battery.

How to get battery out of a syringe?

On the corner of the backing is a small tab that you can use to pry out the battery. Put the new battery back in it with the positive side up, and refit the cover.

How to open door with dead key fob?

Flip the key around to look at the backside, and there’ll be a button. Press it and pull off the top of the fob, revealing the key. The key you pull out will allow you to open the door with a dead key fob. However, you’ll also use it to remove the backing of the fob. Opposite the hole in the fob for the key is a shallower section.

What car did the owner of a flat six swap?

Owner of a flat-six swapped 1998 Impreza 2.5RS and a 1973 Porsche 914. Horizontally opposed views, only.

Can you use a BMW key fob as a key?

Though you may use the fob as a key or only a tool to open the door, having a good battery in your fob is paramount. BMW designed the key fob to be the only tool you’ll need to remove the battery. The battery in question being a CR2450-type. Flip the key around to look at the backside, and there’ll be a button.

Is metal key a dying breed?

Metal keys are somewhat of a dying breed these days. More and more, automakers are turning to make the plastic key fob into the actual key. Aesthetically, they get to ditch the ugly key while decluttering what ends up in a customer’s pockets.

What battery does a BMW key fob use?

Most of BMW model’s key fobs use the same battery which is CR2032. This battery is very common and you can find it in most hardware stores, AutoZone, locksmith shop, and online. You can order it here.

What is a key fob on a BMW?

Most BMW models made after 2010 use a key fob, or a push to start remote key technology . This type of key has advanced security features, as well as built-in keyless entry and more.

How to start a BMW?

You can start your BMW by pushing the “Start” button with your key fob. The car’s computer recognizes the chip inside the key fob and authorizes the process.

Do you need to program a key fob after replacing it?

After replacing the key fob battery, there is no need to do any special programming. The key fob should work as usual.

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