how to clean battery corrosion

Do Mavic Air 2 batteries automatically discharge?

As you probably already know, DJI puts a lot of time and thought into its intelligent battery systems, and there is good reason for the way they behave. Mavic Air 2 batteries do automatically discharge, and they’re not faulty batteries – they discharge in order to maintain optimal battery health.

How long does the Mavic Air 2 battery last?

Knowing the limitations of your Mavic Air 2’s batteries is quite important. It can help you plan out your shoots better so that you can squeeze as much time out of the battery as possible before it automatically returns to home due to a low battery.

How do I know when my Mavic Air 2 battery is charged?

The Mavic Air 2’s intelligent flight battery must be charged using a DJI-approved charger or battery charging hub.

How do I maintain my Mavic Air 2 battery?

Follow these tips to maintain your Mavic Air 2 battery so that it remains in optimal condition:

How do I check the battery health of my Mavic Air 2 battery?

Checking the battery health of your DJI Mavic Air 2 drone is quite easy. When you press and hold the battery power button for five seconds, the LED indicator will light up to show the battery’s health.

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