how to replace gogo scooter batteries

How do you connect a scooter battery?

Use clampsOpen the hood at a ventilated place for 1-2 hours so that the hydrogen gas built up gets out.Clean the battery terminals if they are corroded.Connect the positive clamp to the positive terminal and the negative clamp to the battery’s negative terminal.

How to charge your scooter battery?

Step By Step Procedures on the Correct Way to Charge Your E Scooter BatteryLet the Scooter Cool Down. …Ensure the E Scooter and its Charger Aren’t Wet. …Ensure the Charger is Original; Never Use a Different Brand. …Charge Your Battery in a Cool,Dry Environment. …While Charging,Turn Off the Scooter. …Plug the Charger into the Power Outlet. …Ensure Your charger’s Working Properly. …Plug Your Charger into the Scooter’s Charging Port. …More items…

How to start a scooter with a dead battery?

How to Start a Scooter With a Dead BatteryKick-Starting Your Scooter. Locate the center stand on the bottom of your scooter. …Gaining Access to the Battery. Locate the battery if you have a damaged kick-starting mechanism or if the kick-starting method proves unsuccessful.Using A Jump Pack to Start The Scooter. …Using a Vehicle to Jump-Start the Scooter. …

How to charge scooter battery without Charger?

How to charge a Razor scooter without the chargeri. Remove the Battery from Scooter the Battery from Scooter. Well,this is the first stage of our process. …iii. Leave the battery for charging. Once the scooter batteries starts charging,leave it in the same state for some time. …iv. Remove the battery from Charging. Once the battery is charged completely,disconnect the charger from the power supply. …

What is a throttle assembly?

Throttle Assembly (tells the controller how much power you want through your throttle input) Batteries (12 volt or 6 volt batteries are used in parallel, or series to form one big battery via the wires) Charger (Transfers power from your walls to your scooter’s batteries)

How to tell if a battery is swollen?

Using a Volt-meter is one way to diagnose a batteries condition. Scooters will become sluggish and the power will fade quickly. These are some of the most common symptoms that the batteries are deteriorating. Charger lights sometime display a full charge, but no power gets to the motor. Swelling batteries can be extremely dangerous, so seek professional help if your batteries are swelling. Overcharging leads to overheating, and batteries swell under hot conditions. Batteries that are swollen can swell until they explode, so be cautious and aware when handling swollen batteries. Leaking batteries are equally dangerous because of the battery acid inside. Battery acid eats skin, clothes, and potentially serious injuries. Please be careful.

Why do scooters need new batteries?

Scooters require new batteries eventually, weather the cause is due to wear, old batteries, or damage. Identifying marks on the batteries will give you the Wattage, Voltage, and AH (amp hours/capacity), but sometimes part numbers are hidden by the scooter manufacturers so they can sell you their batteries only.

What to do if no identifying marks are found?

If no identifying marks are found, use a volt-meter and your battery statistics will be displayed. Volt meters tell you all of your batteries vital signs, like a heart monitor does for humans. One last variable is the battery length, width, and height.

Where is the battery compartment on a scooter?

Open up the scooter battery compartment, sometimes located in the base of the scooter riding surface. Your scooter will have batteries wired together with a fuse box, and the controller that will usually be mounted together. Controllers are usually out of the way, mounted using a shock absorbing material like Polyurethane.

Do you need a volt meter for scooter batteries?

You will need to test your batteries with a volt-meter your scooter batteries are not marked. The volt-meter will determine the batteries output levels when you it up. Most Electronics Repair Shops will test your batteries for a small fee, if you don’t own a Volt-meter.

Can you overcharge a battery?

Batteries are fragile and temperamental so you should not overcharge them, undercharge them, expose them to extreme cold or hot, and don’t let them sit for weeks without charging or discharging the batteries. Batteries are dangerous and problems with charging can result in explosions, exposure to chemicals, and potential death.

What does it mean when your scooter does not have lights?

If your scooter does not have any lights at all, this indicates there is no power getting to the mobility scooter. Check to make sure the circuit breaker is not popped on the battery pack. Contact AP Scooter Repair at 904.551.4926.

What happens if you miss the count on a mobility scooter?

Now that you have determined how many beeps your scooter has made; you can read below. This information will tell you the possible cause of the malfunction .

What is the phone number for AP scooter repair?

Here are a few tips below that may save you time and money to try before calling AP Scooter Repair at 904.5514926.

Do you need a mask for a repair technician?

Our set-up/repair technicians will have face mask, gloves and use hand sanitizer before entering home. Repairs and set-up will be done outside your home if possible

How many cells are in a wheelchair battery?

Each of the 6 cells within this Electric Wheelchair battery is wrapped in a puncture resistant polyethylene envelope so even if the outercase is pierced no leakage will occur.

Why are batteries used inside and out?

The materials we use inside and out have been specially selected for their optimal electrical conductivity so energy loss inside the battery is minimized.

What is the California Proposition 65?

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING. Batteries, battery posts, battery terminals, and related accessories can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Do electric wheelchair batteries need maintenance?

BatteryGuy Electric Wheelchair batteries do not require any maintenance while in use. Electrolyte levels are calibrated during factory production and do not need to be inspected or topped up

Can battery posts cause cancer?

Batteries, battery posts, battery terminals, and related accessories can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to .

Can a gas vent cause a battery to explode?

We know charging equipment or the appliance that the battery powers can malfunction but our one way gas safety vents ensure there is no risk of battery explosion or fire.

Can BatteryGuy change requirements without notice?

Manufacturers may change requirements without notice. BatteryGuy is not responsible for incorrect orders – if you need help, please contact us.

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