why is my cell phone battery draining so fast

6 Reasons for phone battery draining fast.Old battery. The overall life span of a smartphone battery is 2-3 years. The chemical capacity decreases with its use every year. …Software update. Most users don’t know about this,but when a new software update,rollouts. …Using too many apps More app means more battery usage. …Not calibrating properly. …Gaming and editing. …Effect of heat. …Charging habits. …

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Why does my iPhone run out of battery so fast?

Improve iPhone Battery LifeUninstall the apps you’re not using.Disable push email or message.Turn on Airplane Mode when the signal is poor.Reduce background running apps.Turn off Background App Refresh or turn off background refresh for certain apps.Disable features including notifications and locations services for uncommonly used apps.Keep iPhone cool.More items…

Why is my phone restarting by itself?

Why does my phone keep restarting by itself. On one hand, a bad iOS update, abnormal apps, virus attack, the corrupted system, or other software problems can cause an iPhone to restart randomly or get stuck in a restart loop. On the other hand, the iOS random restart issue can be the result of hardware-related glitches like improper connection …

Why is my S6 battery draining so fast?

Tips to fix Galaxy S6 battery drain issueClose the redundant running apps. …Turn off communications when they are not in use. …Restart your device. …Deactivate location services. …Remove the unused apps. …Battery charge cycle. …Disable notifications. …Use Power saving and Ultra saving modes. …Perform a factory reset. …

Why does my Android phone battery drain overnight?

The phone’s battery drains overnight because of 3 specific reasons:Apps running on background: One of the most important reasons,apps get left on the background and that drains battery even though the display is not turned on.GPS always on: GPS consumes a lot of battery. …Exceeded Charging cycle of battery: All the battery of every phone has some charging cycles. …

Why is my phone battery draining so fast?

The possible reasons could be: high screen brightness, poor signal, too many background apps & services, old phone/battery, etc.

Why does my iPhone have low power mode?

Apple offers a Low Power Mode for people to use on their iPhone to prolong the battery usage when there’s not sufficient power. The Low Power Mode will temporarily reduce the background activity like downloads and mail fetch until users can fully charge their iPhone, but the usual activities are not affected. iPhone will prompt you to turn on Low Power Mode when there’s only 20% battery left. If you refuse, it will alert you again when the battery reaches 10%. This is a good way to prevent your iPhone battery from draining too fast.

How to check battery usage on iPhone?

Other two ways to access apps battery usage: 1. Settings -> Power -> Battery Use; 2. Settings -> Battery -> More -> Battery Usage.

How to see how long you’ve spent on an app?

You can see how long you’ve spent using each app by clicking SHOW ACTIVITY.

Does Android have low power mode?

Does Android phone have low power mode? Yes, some Android phones come with a Battery Saver to help a single charge last longer. If you don’t know whether your Android phone includes such mode, please visit the manufacturer’s support site to find out.

Does iPhone charge faster in low power mode?

Yes, your iPhone will charge faster on Low Power Mode than on the standard battery mode. That is because the automatic system functions and background apps will be disabled/reduced in Low Power Mode.

Does a phone battery last longer after full charge?

It’s a normal experience you find your device battery doesn’t last as long as before after a full charge. The battery of any device does wear our over time. However, many people said that they noticed the phone battery is draining fast suddenly. They want to figure out the reasons for causing this issue and the useful solutions to fixing it.

How to force stop an app on Android?

It is good to close or kill the app to give it a fresh reset when this happens. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Select the app > Force stop.

How to stop apps from working in the background?

Simply go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Select the app > Advanced > Battery > Background restriction > Restrict.

How to save battery on laptop?

Lower screen brightness: Dimming your screen brightness will help you save battery significantly.

What apps kill your battery?

Plenty of apps kill your battery without active usage. Applications like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp are common ones. Communication services like these try to keep you in touch and updated all the time. This means the apps constantly operate in the background, using data, pulling your location, sending notifications, and more. Not to mention that we tend to spend a lot of time using them, whether you are endlessly checking your feed or messaging friends and family.

What is a network extender?

Network extenders: Carriers often offer network extenders that use the internet to give you signal. Consider getting one if you know you are in a place with spotty service for long periods of time. You could have one at home or work to ensure the signal is strong where you spend most of your time.

How to check battery usage on iPhone?

How to check battery usage: Open the Settings app. Select Battery. Hit the three-dot menu button on the top-right corner. Tap on Battery usage. Hit the three-dot menu button on the top-right corner. Tap on Show full device usage.

What is signal booster?

Signal boosters: Signal boosters can be expensive, but people swear by them. These products have an outer antenna that can pick up reception. The signal is then spread through the house with an internal antenna. A popular option is the WeBoost Home MultiRoom Kit.

Why is my Android phone dying so fast?

Your Android battery could be draining for a number of reasons. Here are some of the most common ones:

What to do when your phone is in a bind?

If you’re in a bind and your phone is on its last leg, the quickest fix is to turn on Battery Saver mode. Although this will decrease performance, it will buy you some time until your phone’s next charge. To turn on Battery Saver mode:

How long has Asurion been around?

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How to disable location settings on Android?

Disable location setting services by turning off the switch at the top of the screen. You can also tap App permissions to see which apps are using location services and turn off each app individually. For other Android devices, tap Apps & notifications > Advanced > Permission manager > Location to adjust this setting.

What apps can help you get from one place to another?

Apps like Waze, Lyft and Google Maps help you get from one place to another. They do this by using your location services, which when running in the background, can lead to quicker Android battery drain.

How to check for updates on Android?

Tap Settings > Software update > Check for updates (on some Android devices, this will appear as Settings > System > Advanced > System update > Check for update ).

What is dark mode?

You can also try turning on Dark mode (or Dark theme), which uses a dark backdrop to save pixels and battery life, or Adaptive brightness, which automatically adjusts your screen to light exposure.

How to increase battery life on Android?

Rebooting clears open apps , refreshes the phone system, and culminates memory leaks. All this eventually helps to increase battery life on Android. So don’t forget to give this trick a try. Restart your device, and then recharge it fully. You’re likely to get positive results.

Why is a counterfeit charger bad?

Because a counterfeit charger (when used for a long time) not only hampers battery performance, but it also strains the capacity to hold charging. The ideal charger is the one whose output voltage and Ampere are in sync with the battery power. So always use the charger that comes with the phone.

How to check if an app is using location?

You can check this through Settings > Apps & notifications > App permissions > Location. Have a check and disable the access to all the apps which don’t require location service.

How to check battery health on a phone?

To confirm it, check battery health status when your phone is on charging. Click Settings > About Phone > Battery Status. If the status shows “poor” or any message other than “Charging”, you should take your device to an authorized service center and get a branded, original battery.

How to update my phone?

Having your apps and software system updated to the latest version helps to smoothen your phone performance. Check for the system update through Settings > About Phone > System Update. If any update is available, download and install it. Similarly, see if any of the apps in your device needs to be updated. TECNO, Itel, and Infinix users can do it through the “Phone Master” App.

Why is it important to charge your phone?

The way you charge your device plays a crucial role to ensure a good performance and longevity of the battery. Here’re some bad charging habits you should avoid to keep such battery problems at bay.

Does a phone battery last long?

Yes, you read it right. If your phone battery doesn’t last long, the primary things you should watch out is how you utilize your device, how you charge it, and which/how many apps you have.

Understanding How Phone Battery Works

There are approximately 80 types of batteries existing nowadays. However, we will discuss primarily lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries power the majority of modern smartphones.

Reasons Why My Battery Is Draining So Fast

One of the reasons why your phone battery is draining fast is an outdated software version or apps. The next time you’re feeling lazy about updating your iPhone or Android smartphone, think about your phone’s battery lifespan.

How to Preserve Phone Battery Lifespan?

You can accessorize your phone by buying a case that not only works as a protective case but also charges your smartphone. You can find affordable and high-quality cases online that can hold a full recharge power and double your smartphone’s battery charge.

How Long Does a Phone Battery Last Normally?

The lifespan of batteries is dependent on numerous factors; therefore, there’s no fixed answer to this question. However, lithium-ion powered smartphones nowadays generally have a lifespan between two to three years. It translates to 300 to 500 full charge cycles.

Phone Batteries in A Nutshell

The frequency of charging your smartphones is directly proportional to the smartphone’s battery life. Another thing that you should avoid is draining your phone’s battery to the lowest level or 0. Unlike traditional nickel batteries, lithium-ion batteries will deteriorate by:

What apps use GPS?

Certain apps such as Facebook foremost, WhatsApp, Skype, email, just to name a few, are using location services to find your location. This service uses GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi, which need more power. Moreover, the other feature that is often used by these messaging and social media apps is the Background App Refresh. This feature allows the apps to refresh their content in the background. It needs an Internet connection as well and can drain the battery. We are going to check how the battery will act after we disable both features.

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast?

The update always contains bug fixes which can be the reason why your iPhone battery draining fast. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable Internet connection. Now, open the App Store. Hit the Updates section on the bottom-right corner of the App Store screen.

How to turn off standby on iPhone?

Go to Settings >> scroll down until you find Battery, then tap it. On the Battery screen, scroll down to the bottom and you will find Usage and Standby features. Write down both on paper. Turn off your iPhone by pressing the power button for a few seconds until the slider to power off appears and swipe the slider.

How to check battery usage on iPhone?

Here are the steps to check Battery Usage on your iPhone: Go to Settings >> scroll down, find and tap on Battery. On the Battery screen, wait for a few seconds for the Battery Usage feature to load. Then, you will find the Battery Usage feature and some apps and services.

What to do if your iPhone battery is still covered by warranty?

If your iPhone is still covered by a warranty, you can contact Apple. What if your warranty has expired and you are not eligible for the battery replacement program? If changing the battery on Apple Authorized Service Provider is out of your budget, the other option is the Apple unauthorized repair store. They have more affordable prices for battery replacement. You can also try DIY to change the iPhone battery. You can get the battery from online stores at an affordable price. However, it’s not recommended for those who do not have the experience in doing this because opening the iPhone is quite tricky. Going to the repair store can minimize the risk.

What is the usage time of an iPhone?

Usage time is the total time the iPhone has been used since the last full charge. For instance, when you are making a phone call, browsing, checking email, listening to music, or when certain apps are running in the background. Standby time is the total time you have powered your iPhone since its last full charge.

Why is my battery draining?

The poor Internet connection can be one of the factors why you are having a battery drain issue. When you open a certain app that needs an Internet connection, it will keep searching and loading. These activities always need more power that comes from the battery.

Why does my phone keep draining battery?

Google services aren’t the only culprits; third-party apps can also get stuck and drain the battery. If your phone keeps killing the battery too fast even after a reboot, check the battery information in Settings. If an app is using the battery too much, Android settings will show it clearly as the offender. If that’s the case, you’d better uninstall the app immediately.

What is Google Services?

Google Services is the background task on Android phones that keeps all of the company’s services in sync and updated. This covers Gmail and the Chrome environment, among other services. Play Services is the background task that interacts with Google’s Play Store, to keep installed apps updated in particular.

What is the first warning that something is amiss?

Often, the first warning that something is amiss is a critical battery warning from the phone.

Can you get through a day with sudden battery drain?

Unfortunately, most owners hit with Sudden Battery Drain Syndrome aren’t aware of it until their battery has drained to a critical level. Even so, resetting the phone should return it to hitting the battery normally, thus making it possible to get through the day.

Is Android a good phone?

Android phones are good smartphones, but they occasionally suffer from the nasty "Sudden Battery Drain Syndome.". That’s the situation where the phone battery, with no different use by the owner, suddenly drains for no apparent reason.

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